Sir Jhon



Ahhh, summer.  What an amazing time of year.  Here is a playlist of some favorite summer themed tunes.   You'll find 2 by Abandon Theory in there, enjoy!









"Sir Jhon's style of Punkgrass is different and different is good."  Martin Atkins of Tour Smart, NIN, Pigface, and P.I.L.


“Sir Jhon is a banjo wizard, his songs are some of the most awesome,  ****ed up shit I've heard in a long time.  Mr Pancake.  Holy cow!”  Julie the Bruce  


“Sir Jhon is quirky and fun ... i laughed alot ...”  April Miranda, Mountain Beat Radio


The Sir Jhon album is   “… like a mildly deranged hoedown on the porch.”  Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide


"An underground cult classic to behold."  Jason Rufus Sewell, Nebulost Productions and One Eyed Doll.