Sir Jhon


Blog - Musical Journey

First Step


It’s been about 2 weeks since my initial post.  In that time I have taken my first steps on the journey back into the magical world of music.  


First, advances have been made with the actual music.  There are a few songs that have been getting worked on, with....


....fixed the pick up in my banjo and began experimenting with some effects (distortion, echo, wah-wah).


Lastly, a get together with a potential drummer has been scheduled....


Re-entry into the Musical atmosphere


....The previous backdrop of biographical information has been provided so that you may better understand my mission.  For 2 years I have not been playing much and I have not performed, but after learning about my dad's pride in my choices I am recommitting to a life in music. 

My first steps on this path may be rocky, but I invite you to take them with me.  I have begun playing more, writing new material, and have started looking for members to bring my musical vision to life.  I will be blogging, and posting pix and videos documenting my progress as well as struggles. 

I could never give up playing music even if it became only a rare occurrence in a distracted, busy life.  But now I have a new reason and motivation to actively play and pursue music with the passion it deserves.  I'm embarking on this journey not just for myself but for my dad, Aunt Lulu, my sister, my nephew, and Donny (my friend and first teacher who passed away in 2017).  .....