Sir Jhon



Press & Praise

-"Sir Jhon's style of Punkgrass is different and different is good."  Martin Atkins, Tour Smart, NIN, Pigface, P.I.L.


-“Jhon’s an original punkgrass banjo player who is not only a unique song-writer and master musician, but fun to see live as he dances, hops, and skips around the stage.”  Buzz Chernoff-  show promoter


“Sir Jhon is quirky and fun ... I laughed alot ...” April Miranda, Mountain beat radio


-“I can tell that Sir Jhon has a long standing love with music that might not be considered “pretty”. There are experimental/free jazz elements that intertwine with heavy metal sensibilities in the most interesting of ways. But, amidst and permeating it all is a very pretty relationship that only one voice can create. A Singer Songwriter from the year 2059, that is our Sir Jhon. Industrial Folk Music. I like. I like.”   Be Brave Bold Robot Zine


“Sir Jhon is a banjo wizard, his songs are some of the most awesome, ****ed up shit I've heard in a long time. Mr Pancake. Holy cow.”  Julie the Bruce   


-“I like the way he works the buttons with his toes” Justin Aldred  -Hillview Elementary School


“… like a hillbilly version of primus!” C John Web, Norcal Bands website administrator


“Preferring truth to form, he is not constantly at work upon the facade of his appearance. –“   Raymond Porters,  IAC Music


-“Great music,  really experimental and wonderful”  John Ludington




CD Reviews

-“The CD never falls into a predictably comfortable or consistent style, sometimes approximating experimental rock with touches of jazz and electronics, at other times sounding like a mildly deranged hoedown on the porch. Overall the tone is one of a whimsical gadfly, as apt to unleash peculiar instrumentals as tunes with goofy wordplay and cultural observations.”    
Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide


-“The Sir Jhon cd can best be described as a mixture of Danny Barnes, Naked City, and Johnny Dowd mixed in a blender, poured into a Petri dish and left out in the hot Texas sun for 12 weeks.  What crawls out is most spectacular!  5 stars on  this cd!”  Jeff Brandon –fan

-"An underground cult classic to behold" Jason Rufus Sewell, Nebulost Productions, One Eyed Doll.


-”(The Sir Jhon album) is a fun rocker with a hint of gypsy mystique.”  Nick Miller, Sacramento News and Review.


"I love this music!"  anonymous representative from the USPS


"I love these tunes!"  anonymous representative from the CA state government


(I seem to have the backing of the national and state government!)