First Step

It’s been about 2 weeks since my initial post.  In that time I have taken my first steps on the journey back into the magical world of music.  


First, advances have been made with the actual music.  There are a few songs that have been getting worked on, with the biggest amount of progress taking place on  “carrot on a stick”  (working title).  The song is about my struggles with addiction, most people struggle with addiction mentality to some degree.  Whether the addiction is to negative thoughts, sugar, coffee, or cocaine it is all too easy to let old ways of thinking and acting determine your life. I am very pleased to have finalized a working draft of both the musical structure and the lyrics.   


Also, I fixed the pick up in my banjo and began experimenting with some effects (distortion, echo, wah-wah).   I am an effects junky and every project requires a different set-up, so I am figuring out what that set-up might be for this project.


Lastly, a get together with a potential drummer has been scheduled. The initial conversations have been very promising as he is a fan of both Terry Bozzio and the Pittsburgh Steelers! 

However, all the words in the world cannot explain music and artistic sensibilities.  The significant step is to get together and play music.  Then no words will be needed, all involved will instinctively know if there is value in what has been produced, that is the magic of music!






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