Re-entry into the Musical atmosphere

I've never divulged much about myself, but have come to understand that inquiring minds want to know.   It makes sense that if a person “knows” you they will care more than if you are an anonymous persona that creates likeable art.


Bear with me for a brief background and then explanation for the change in attitude from privately guarded to publicly vulnerable. 


As some of you know I was a touring musician that struggled with an autoimmune condition for many years.   

The unpredictability of the disease coupled with the harsh treatments would often end with hospitalizations.  Eventually I had to give up touring, it does not take many canceled shows before people, understandably, write you off. 


I was determined to get back out on the road so I dove into learning all that I could about health and wellness.  It took a few years of experimenting with different diets, doctors, and healing modalities, but by making drastic lifestyle changes I was finally able to get off all medication and now live symptom free.  


While I was regaining my health my dear godmother, Aunt Lulu was losing her life to cancer.  It was an excruciatingly slow, four-year fight.  We buried Aunt Lulu in February of 2018 and found out just two weeks later that my dad had been diagnosed with cancer.  

His bout with the disease was much shorter and we buried him right after Thanksgiving in 2018.  


At my dad’s funeral a friend of his divulged that he had expressed pride in me for going my own way in life and pursuing my passion in music with no regard for financial gain. I never knew!   Music was never a big part of my dad's life, and he was far less than enthused when, at the age of 19, I dropped out of Duquesne University to pursue a life in music


The previous backdrop of biographical information has been provided so that you may better understand my mission.  For 2 years I have not been playing much and I have not performed, but after learning about my dad's pride in my choices I am recommitting to a life in music.


My first steps on this path may be rocky, but I invite you to take them with me.  I have begun playing more, writing new material, and have started looking for members to bring my musical vision to life.  I will be blogging, and posting pix and videos documenting my progress as well as struggles. 


I could never give up playing music even if it became only a rare occurrence in a distracted, busy life.  But now I have a new reason and motivation to actively play and pursue music with the passion it deserves.  I'm embarking on this journey not just for myself but for my dad, Aunt Lulu, my sister, my nephew, and Donny (my friend and first teacher who passed away in 2017).  


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