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What's with the name?

[1] - This is the story of how John Bellizia came to be known as Sir Jhon.

Part 1)- I type carelessly. It is a sight to behold, one finger on each hand flying furiously.  Needless to say I make my share of mistakes, and more often than not, don't go back to correct them.   Often I reverse letters, so it's not uncommon to sign off as Jhon, rather than John.  As I began my solo career I decided that I wanted to use a moniker that was more memorable than my own name.   Around that time I had been in email correspondence with another musician arranging some tour dates.  When I met him in person, he commented on the unique spelling of my name.  I love happy accidents, so I decided to go with it.  Thus John Bellizia became Jhon Bellizia

          Sub-section A)   –The pronunciation of the name (Jay- Hawn) was created by the drummer for Abandon Theory, Randy Aldred.   As soon as he said it, it sounded right.  To hear the correct pronunciation listen to the track, the Sir Jhon theme song (audio player at bottom of page), the “vocals” are a voicemail from Randy that I sampled and sliced up. 

Part 2)- Now I suppose, you may want to know how I earned the elite title of, Sir?     I tend to sway between the lines when I drive.  While on tour with Abandon Theory the guys in the band would harass me about my driving style.   Funny thing, the longer you drive the more slaphappy you get, therefore as we racked up the miles, the teasing also ramped up.   Silly word games and associations developed revolving around my swerving and swaying and dancing.   Eventually I earned the  nickname Sir Captain Jhon Swerves-a-lot.  The nickname became abbreviated to Sir Jhon and stuck.  You will still occasionally hear me referred to as Captain Swerves-a-lot, and when I am with One-Eyed Doll, Mr. Swimmy Socks, but that is a story for another time.