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                                                         I love the banjo!  

This quirky instrument has prodigious  potential to create music that defies its stereotypes.          

I know I am not alone in my interest to hear the banjo played in non-traditional ways and creating fresh, unexpected music.    

To that end, I have curated a Spotify playlist called Banjo Beyond Bluegrass.  It features the banjo used in creative, unexpected, and non-traditional ways.                                                                           

Click the following link to enjoy, and share with everyone that appreciates the banjo.  

Banjo Beyond Bluegrass


                     Celebrating the banjo in all forms...outside the norms




The Sir Jhon album is   “… like a mildly deranged hoedown on the porch.”  Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide





"Bellizia's style of Punkgrass is different and different is good."  Martin Atkins of Tour Smart, NIN, Pigface, and P.I.L.


"An underground cult classic to behold."  Jason Rufus Sewell, Nebulost Productions and One Eyed Doll. 


“Bellizia is a banjo wizard, his songs are some of the most awesome,  ****ed up shit I've heard in a long time.  Mr Pancake.  holy cow!”  Julie the Bruce  


“Bellizia is quirky and fun ... i laughed alot ...”  April Miranda, Mountain Beat Radio